400 people infected with typhoid in Hiran region


Health officials in Hiraan province say nearly 400 local people who are mostly children have been infected with typhoid disease due to polluted waters in the Shabelle river in HirShabelle state.

Provincial health director Ahmed Mohamed Khalif noted that Beledweyne town is the most affected with the highest number of patients.

“The typhoid hugely affected Beledweyne town  where nearly 400 people have been infected who are quarantined but death was small. So far only 4 people died” said Khalif

The disease is attributed to the shortage of river water which has been polluted according to the health workers. “Due to receding waters of the river that turned into dirty, has prompted this new outbreak of the disease. The disease has also been reported in Bula Burde where several people have been infected. Death toll in the location stands at 2 people.”

Head of district hospital in Mahas location said 4 people have been admitted but 2 of them succumbed to the disease.

Local medical officers said patients in the general hospital are being quarantined to curb the spread of the disease but their efforts are curtailed by the movement of people traveling in the region which increase the outbreak.

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