Ben Stiller Is Supporting An Effort To Feed The Hungry In Somalia


Ben Stiller is not only an actor who plays the “really, really good-looking” Derek Zoolander, or the child of celebrity comedians Jerry Stiller and the late Anne Meara.

He’s more than the director of countless hits like Tropic Thunder and the aforementioned Zoolander. In case you haven’t heard, he’s an activist. Stiller is promoting a movement to feed the hungry in the war-torn Somalia, a nation which is currently dealing with famine, as well as seemingly unending violence.

The actor tweeted on Friday, thanking Turkish Airlines for their help contributing to a cause near and dear to his heart

According to a GoFundMe page shared by the star, the Love Army “started with a crazy idea” (like many awesome movements and inventions) to convince Turkish Airlines to let the organization use a flight to Somalia and fill the plane completely with food for the hungry.

Stiller and the rest of his teammates on this inspiring escapade — including social justice advocate Chakabars Clarke, YouTuber Casey Neistat, Vine star Jérôme Jarre, YouTube’s Juanpa Zurita, football player Colin Kaepernick, and more — shared videos on social media asking Turkish Airlines to help with this shipment that could provide “immediate relief for immediate need.”


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