Chinese nuclear submarine spotted at Karachi by Google Earth


As cited by NDTV, the image of the submarine was first found by a satellite imagery expert who goes by the Twitter handle @rajfortyseven. In a report yesterday, NDTV showed a Google Earth image of a Chinese nuclear submarine which had docked in Karachi in May a year ago – a matter of serious concern for the Indian Navy which is anxious about Chinese submarines tracking the movements of its own ships and submarines in the Indian Ocean. Nuclear submarines are faster than the conventional diesel powered submarines. 

“China started the deployment of its submarine from 2012”, the broadcaster quoted Chief Admiral of Indian Navy Sunil Lanba as saying. Senior Navy officers have rejected China’s earlier assertions that its submarine deployment has been in aid of the anti-piracy mission off the coast of Somalia. The arrival of a Chinese submarine in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, is creating waves worldwide with media from the USA to India running stories on it and raising questions about China’s naval activities.

Chinese submarine docked at Kota Kinabalu for rest and recreation for its sailors and to resupply. They added that it could be there as Beijing was selling eight submarines to Islamabad, four of which were to be built in the port city of Karachi. India’s indigenous nuclear ballistic missile submarine, the INS Arihant is thought to have recently entered service with the Navy after lengthy trials in the Bay of Bengal.

In the past, India raised a protest after China docked a nuclear submarine in Colombo in Sri Lanka. It appears to be a nuclear submarine, one of the latest with China, according to experts. The Shang-class is said to be on par with the Russian Akula submarines. 


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