Establishing of NUSOJ have Neither Charter nor Accountable!


The National Journalists Organizations many country who has government based consultation process and political transparency administration likewise strong concrete for executive institutions and staging to have influence and illegal intervention to independent media.

An argument reached court level after currently there are visible race and campaign to elect and voting become the one who decide any person would be leadership of National Journalists Organization which means that credibility and legal personality of that organization joined organizations subjected that represent national media of their countries.

Committee selected includes owners of media housed has partly reasoning what called as level to elect, to reach organizing  conference of National Journalists Organization told some of them that they face many obstacles and violence organizing this matter.

Firstly, plan implementing and organizing conference election leadership of National Journalists Organization self-style constitution sets to election and voting mechanism, therefore at last the committee told me that partly have concession for instance there are articles telling that not voting Media Owners, and the people to recruit and eviction of recruiters of media, therefore, that article not working after long discussion decided to vote representing their centers.

As well as there are an article telling that voters come from media centers, such as Newspapers, TV’s and Radios and not work at all, while seen how that not works, that article come over and that’s  why  become name of  SUN STAYERS which refers  a Journalist  not represented by media house but has  journalist professionalism.

To sack the Judges of Higher Court and Court of Appeal was crucial step that organize the conference of National Journalists Organization which not organizing two sides accusations by listening  only one side after  rule issued listening one side that anyway conflicts the listening process trails and conflict thing and  production  and  editing of  Judge decision.

As I know currently the candidates position of General Secretary two Journalists Mohamed Ibrahim Nur (Moallimu) and Ali Abdullahi Abdi (Ali Bashi) and there are other positions such Chairman and his Deputies that expecting to run or to be nominated.

Puntland media which those establishing National Journalists Organization there are in period anxiety and turmoil has how and process to attend the conference, furthermore that turmoil were how to run the conference and role both Higher Court and Court of Appeal to the conference, as well as they told me to worried the possibility that two difference conference happened, that to prolong that organization turmoil and debate the belonging of an organization.

On other side there are Jubbaland who has great complaints for instance doubt about not participate the meeting delegation represent four radio centers and one TV based in Jubba Land and there are also complaints  of Jubba Land based workers  or Journalists  representing Mogadishu and others originated that regions nominated themselves in  Hamar and doesn’t   have mandate of Jubba Land Media, and that brings Jubba Land Meida seen that represent without their consent  as told me Abdirisak Ahmed Saxansaxo Director of Jubbland Administration’s Media.

Great conflict  in numbers delegation voted and  charter voters that  direct, conference still continues while it hasn’t  belong Charter and  Written Process,  therefore the committee administer has in mind the process would run and few moments sitting seen that conference is  one who hasn’t target and place to  continue   entertainment and concert to the participants.

Other side of selection the delegations, charter and accountable and any person gave Voting Card consequently that   the outcome that not represented person and not professional gained power to vote.

I see a person who haven’t  any professional  media who has  delegations cards, and I asked how he/she received, he/she told me a person hand over, as well as there are many cards issued that process, and would bring many matters such as:

As I could see that unconstitutional to elect that voters many hands to corrupt, and comes out leadership in corrupt and false methods.

To conflict the delegations representing   Media centers and professionals rejected to vote anybody and brings that to disperse.

Un-attending administrations of conference such as Jubba Land rejected and plays their side new story.

To return previous leadership the rule by proofing that not there aren’t any better.


My knowledge and as I understood how the conference is running there are the administration of the conference members of election campaign working in the conference by covering name of administration and leadership of conference in order to face new dangers to dismantle the conference and everybody member leadership of conference has wants to get position and campaigning pro person to elect leadership of the organization and become a candidate am campaigner the desired person.

The numbers of delegations deciding  voters   whom  to become member leadership of National Journalists Organization to become  a preferred person, and I talk two candidates who are running position of Secretary General National Journalists Organization, neither knows numbers delegations  would vote and distinguish , that’s is shameful and mismanagement has the leadership of conference

Charter of voting and process to organize elections is not visible, and would bring out argument and new turmoil,   that should evict out.

The election committee who would take conference’s work is to be sure not including campaigners and supporters candidates and this should bring danger to face the conference.

The building of National Journalists Organization is need to participate legal professionals and intellectual in administration knowledge consequently the election of leadership of organization legal consultants, if not would lose legal personal needs the organization.

Prepared by: Ahmed Isse Gutale


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