Government Will Pursue Case Against UAE Over Deal With Somaliland


Somalia’s federal government will file a legal case against the United Arab Emirates over a recently signed deal to establish a military base in the breakaway northern territory of Somaliland, the Somali auditor general said, PressTV reported Feb. 15.

The announcement comes just days after lawmakers in Somaliland approved an Emirati bid to establish a base in the port town of Berbera. The auditor general accused the Somaliland government of seeking private gains from the agreement.

He also accused Emirati authorities of undermining Somali national and territorial integrity through the deal. This development was expected, as any dealings involving foreign entities and Somaliland usually face the same underlying problem.

External actors need to work with authorities in Somaliland because they actually control the region’s territory, but they also need to placate the government in Mogadishu, since it does not respect Somaliland’s sovereignty. The government in Mogadishu could be looking to negotiate directly with Emirati officials over the planned base.


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