Never Give Somalis what they haven’t asked for- a warning to the new president!


Dear new president, at this moment I am writing this article, I really don’t know who you are. Nevertheless I am going to let you know the kind of people you have become a president and will even be a leader for the coming four years.


First of all, these people are your own people who have been crying for a justice for the last 26 years, whose eyes have ended into tears, whose cry has only been heard by their enemies, Kenya and Ethiopia.

They have not even gotten good leaders who at least cry with them. They used to have leaders who made them cry instead. Somalis haven’t gotten a good leader whom they would trust as a father. I am sure, I know my people, they will never ask you more than you can. You have also become a leader to Somalia, the only country on earth where the looters and the cheaters have still the possibility to be candidates and then leaders. Not all, but some of the political problems which, we Somalis are now dealing with, are caused by some of the present candidates.

Even those who have been responsible for the killings and massacre which have been happening for the last 26 years are still a live and free. They live at the present day in the main cities in Somalia like Mogadishu, Hargeisa, Garowe, Beydaba, and Kismayo, but I hope that they will one day face justice. Somalia is always neglected by those who, during election campaigns, promise a better life for the people and better solution for the contemporary political misunderstandings regarding power and resource sharing. Now is 2017 and we already see some, who have committed serious crimes, are among those you should work with. I really believe that you have a tuff time before you, a time which if you manage successfully will simply reveal who you really are.

A warning: Don’t give Somalis what they haven’t asked for

Dear president, I have both a warning and an advice to you. A warning: don’t give Somalis what they haven’t asked you. In order to avoid making a mistake for example by giving what you haven’t asked, one must know what he/she has been asked for. More than twenty five years, Somalis have been inheriting misfortunates brought by unqualified leaders simple because they could not understand what they were asked so that they have done on the contrary.

You can just take a glimpse to the history, the presidents before you and think on what you can learn from the big mistakes they have made. Let me give you a concrete example; Abdullahi Yusufs TFG, as soon as he became a president, he asked more than 20,000 foreigner troops without anticipated the consequence. Here, Abdullahi Yusuf, the late president have missed one important advice from Niccole Machiavelli, a well-known Italian thinker in 15-century. Machiavelli says in his famous work the prince, chapter 13: Using auxiliaries to fight your wars lets you lose two ways:

If they lose the war, you lose the war.

If they win the war, you are held captive by them and their skills.
And as many of us witnessed, the late president, Abdullahi Yusuf has paid the price of his mistake. Having rejected to be a captive, yet he has unwillingly left the post which he struggled more than forty years and his story ended exactly as Niccolo Machiavelli told us more than 500 years ago.

An advice: Choose your new team assiduously!

Dear president, all eyes are on you, I am really unaware of how you have become a president for there are many means which one can take in order to reach to a top of a mountain, and it is the same that a person can be a president with a help of fortune or by any other means.

However, dear president, you will be leading this country for the coming four years, you need a strong team who knows not only the art of governance, but ready to sacrifice and compromise their private interests, who knows not only how to play the political games with the neighboring countries but always play it well, in favor of Somalia national interest.

You should know that Somalis are expecting from you only to fulfil the commitments you made before you have become a president. If you can’t do better than your predecessor Somalis will to resign before you do worse than your predecessor. Dear president, you have to know that people who have chosen you to be their president did so not that they loved you, but did assume that you were better than the other candidates; hence it is only now after that you can be loved or hated by them.

Here I am going to close my article with the same statements that Niccole Machiavelli concluded the last chapter of his famous work, the prince, because Machiavelli was exhorting a new leader in order to liberate Italy from what he called barbarians, but instead I say, dear new president, save the people from each other and the country from Kenya and Ethiopia.

Dear president, you have the raw materials in which you will use to carry out this mission. Somalis are in need, they need care from you and I am sure if you show this already from your first 100 days in your office they will surely open their hearts to you and blindly follow you. Dear new president, don’t allow such a golden opportunity to pass. Dear president, if you can’t give what give what Somalis ask for you, please leave them not only alone but unhurt.

Cali A


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