Sellers of used SIM cards arrested in Kampala

Police suspects one of them could be part of the gangs that steal mobile phones from people and then use them for criminal activity.

Police say they have arrested two people, including a 24-year-old man, found selling used SIM cards in Kampala.

Police believes suspect Elidard Turyasiima could be connected to criminal groups who steal people’s mobile phones and then use them to commit crime.

The resident of Kasangati in Kazinga Zone was nabbed vending used SIM cards registered in other people’s identities, Police said.

In fact, he was found with as many as 25 unsold SIM cards.

Turyasiima was caught redhanded – selling a card to a one Ibrahim Lubega yet the SIM card is registered in the name of Byaruhanga Aliganyira.

His arrest created a ripple effect.

Later, Teopista Ngonzi, working at Majestic Plaza in the heart of the city, was also arrested as the brain behind vending of used SIM cards for sale around town.

In her possession were 22 unsold SIM cards,The suspects are now detained at Katwe Police Station as investigations continue.

Following the arrests, investigations into the matter are underway.

Luke Owoyesigire, who is the Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, said many criminal activities are being commited using phones.

“We are investigating the source of these cards since many criminals are using such cards to commit crimes” he said.