Seminar on Reporting Terrorism Held for Somali Journalists in Helsinki, Finland


Somali Journalists on Group discussion program during the training

HELSINKI, Finland (Horn Observer) Somali journalists gathered in Helsinki, Finland on Sunday to participate a seminar on responsible and fair reporting on Terrorism related stories.

Organized by Pohjolan Somalinkielinen Mediaverkosto ry or Nordic Somali media network, a registered organization in Finland, the workshop was attended by 10 Somali journalists.

Among the issues covered in the training include: the best way to responsibly report terrorism related incidents among the community, following the Turku incident.

The seminar was supported by the MPMTO Ry and Wali Media Production.  The training was facilitated by Abdi Muse Mohamoud and Mohamed Ibrahim from Nordic Somali media network.

Through group discussions, the participants urged Nordic Somali Media to continue such trainings and wider the scope by inviting the Muslim journalists across the Scandinavian countries for similar discussions.

The participants also highlighted the importance to conduct media related community discussions in order break the cycle of silence and create an enabling environment where the voice of the  community in contributing peace is heard.

The participants  urged Nordic Somali Media Network to launch Radio Programs targeting immigrant parents on how to tackle homegrown terrorism.  The radio programs will give platforms to peace activists,   Muslim Imams,  community leaders, experts and the government officials and will encourage the ability to speak out against Terrorism in the community.

– Horn Observer –