Somali Commandos and foreign forces raid Al-Shabaab base


Somali commandos, along with foreign forces have conducted an overnight raid in a militant-controlled base in Lower Shabelle region, targeting top Al shabaab leaders at a meeting.

Using helicopters and armed with modern military hardware, including guns with night-vision scopes, the Somalia’s well trained Commandos and troops possibly from US, have swooped into Toratorow area, approximately 90Km south-west of Mogadishu, according to residents.

Reliable sources say the special raid was aimed to free several hostages held at a secret prison in the southern town that is run by Al shabaab militants.

Al shabaab fighters resisted the attack after engaging a heavy gunfire with the invading Somali commandos and the foreign forces, but no casualties reported.

When the fighting was over, the allied forces later retreated back to their base.


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