Somalia: The unifier of Coalition Crisis and Competing Visions of Somali Democracy


The international donors for Somali security sector reform (SSR) will gather in London next May for the High Level Security Sector Reform meeting, where they are intending to trumpet security achievements made in the last four years and reinforce momentum for the federal government of Somalia’s Vision 2016-2020 agenda– which includes the formation of strong Federal National Security Forces and adoption of the 2016 draft security reforms, and establishment of stable and strong federal security system to contain terror threats and maritime illegal activities in Somali waters.

Farah Sheikh Abdulkadir is unifier of Coalition Crisis within the members of the parliament and competing visions of Somali democracy, which federal member states are comfortable to work with him within the next four years, for their development issues and reforming their security status.

Farah, therefore, is most likely to try to ride the political wave by positioning himself as a potential unifier who can bridge the gap between the Reform Front in the Federal House of Parliament and other the blocs.  A gap that he has helped create and maintained since 2012.

According to the analysis written by the Somali Institute of Security and Diplomacy (SIRAD), President Hassan Sheikh has taken a robust interpretation of his mandate since 2012, which international partners and community (donors) have tended to countenance. Seeing in his civil society background, a four year presidential leadership status, empowered him to be a potential partner with whom they could work with and who would mark a significant departure from the domination of politics by former warlords, spoilers and criminals.


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