Somalia To Learn From Ghana’s Electoral Success


Ghana voters proved naysayers that say well entrenched regime in Africa can’t be unseated totally wrong. Wadani popular opposition party is doing just that to prove naysayers wrong much like the US elections; congratulation to Ghanaian voters. We Somalilanders will to learn a lesson from Ghana’s historic election that celebrated across the continent. Next March, Somaliland’s presidential election may coincide with her big south neighbor, the troubling Somalia’s ‘mock election’. Over the past seven years, Somaliland witnessed toleration of corruption, maladministration, and security decline.

In the last municipal elections, only government appointees won in the seats of the local government. Close to quarter million people who casted their vote were phony according to independent observers. Now, the National Election Commission NEC printed out voter cards for collection. The ruling party manufactured polling stations out of nowhere to boost their voters. All these election frauds committed by the same Election Commission who will be in charge of the next presidential elections.

The ruling presidential candidate has a little support as revealed by nationwide pollsters vs. the opposition party Wadani leader’s grassroots support that transcends across the clannish spectrum. Finance Minister Samsam, called Ahmed Farax sub clans to blindly vote for her cousin Muse Bihi not on merits of his record—because he’s far from it— but on the clannish alliances between them that goes back to 50s during Michael Mariano.


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