Somalis outraged by trending video showing girl raped by 6 Men


A video of a girl been raped by six men in Puntland making rounds on social media has caused an outrage across the country.

The video shot and posted by the perpetrators on their Facebook accounts shows a naked girl in her teen age crying for help as a group of boys force themselves into her.

The girl is beaten up and a bleeding wound can be seen on her back.

She is heard pleading “Leave me alone please” in Somali when one of the boys chocked on her neck.

The boy lets her lose then demands her to be on her four limbs and threatens to stub her.

The girl refuses to be in that position and is forced on to by one boy.

The incident reportedly took  place at Galdogob Puntland near the Ethiopian border.

“The suspects  have been arrested by Galdogob and will be brought justice” Hassan Mohamed Ayax Commissioner Galdogob told Radio Dalsan.

One perpetrator is said to have escaped arrest and a manhunt has been lauched led by the Puntland Police boss.

Elders from the girls family and that of the perpetrators are been in involved in an arbitration.

The incident has also been condemned by religious leaders in Puntland with activists on social media demanding for justice.

“I can’t  believe that humans are capable of committing such a horrible and cruel act” Alinor a Mogadishu based youth activist tweeted.


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