Upper house representatives from Somaliland election to commence today in Mugadishu


The Somaliland or northern regions upper house representatives election will start today after delay of more than two months.

6 of 11th Seats of Somaliland’s Upper house is to elect  today in Mogadishu following arguments of clans and deferent of political views inside tribes.

The Six seats will run 16 Candidates whose considering to be  member of Somalis new upper house.

Somali President Hassan Shiekh Mahamud cuts the ribbon new temporally Upper house  in Mugadishu and Urges the top keep any conflict between them and house of people.

Turkish government built the house for education, but now it will be the house of  Somalia’s newly elected upper house parliament.

After the opening of the building ,Somali president Hassan sh. Mohamud opened the 1st session of Somalia’s upper house parliament .


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