Aamin Ambulance oo soo bandhigtay Teneders for The supply


Aamin Ambulance is a non-profit organization in Somalia established in 2006. AAMIN is engaged in lifesaving activities and improving the livelihoods of Somalia through implementation of the following
programs; Health, Education, Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WaSH), Youth Empowerment Programs,
provision of free ambulance services and Food Security to the communities in Somalia.
AAMIN Ambulance has received financing from ACF for the provision of referral services across nine
districts in Benadir Region. The project will run for four months beginning on June 2022- September 2022.
Aamin will work collaboratively with Benadir Regional Administration to ensure the project objectives are
achieved. AAMIN hereby invites qualified bidders and competent firms to apply for the provision of
vehicle rent service as indicated in the below table:

Eligible bidders have access to download set of tender documents from AAMIN website: www.aamin.so.
Further, firms who download the tender documents must arrange to forward their particulars/ contacts
to the Procurement Officer, AAAMIN Ambulance through the email address procurement@aamin.so
before the closing date.
Duly completed tender documents should be submitted on or before 15th May 2022 at 16:00PM (Local
time) at the address mentioned below in a plain, sealed envelope clearly labeled with the tender name
and reference number to be deposited in the tender box in the procurement office at AAMIN or by Email at procurement@aamin.so . Late bidders will be automatically rejected.
The Procurement Office
P.P Box 234 Mogadishu
AAMIN will not be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by the bidders in connection with the
preparation and submission of their bids.