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Formal Education Network for Private Schools (FENPS)

Ref: FENPS/Log.Unit/School feeding/23/2/2021            


Formal Education Network for private Schools (FENPS) is seeking for cooked food supplies/companies for work of school feeding for 950 school children in Hirshabelle State of Somalia.

FENPS is not for profit and non-governmental Organization registered in Somalia. Since established in 2003, FENPS played a role in addressing the particular needs of especially vulnerable groups in society who often lack education, health care, protection and livelihood opportunities.

FENPS has a vision of a society where all children have access to quality education and are not subjected to any abuse. The mission of FENPS is to uplift children and allow them to grow in confidence and realize their fullest potential through guidance, education and training in secure and caring environments that are conducive to learning. The aim of FENPS is to provide youth and children with positive values and skills for their personal and national development.

The project activities are school feeding for 950 school children in Beletweyne Hiran region of Somalia.  Formal Education Network for private Schools (FENPS) hereby invites food suppliers as follows:

Project Details

1.Two period school feeding to 950 children (breakfast & lunch) per day for 8 months

2.For breakfast, each child of 950 receives 1. Cup of borage/mushari, and 2. dates per day for 8 months

  1. For lunch, each child of 950 receives 1. Rice with meat and fruit soup and 2. Cup of fruit juice or cup of milk

Requirements for Tender Documents

Tender envelop should be sealed with reference number and stamped.

Company Profile with detailed contact address

Quotation price/Bill of Quantities with detailed unit cost.

Evidence of Past Experience in a similar work of (Contracts letter, etc.)

All bids should be written in English.

   How to Apply:

Interested eligible suppliers/contractors with sound capacity, relevant experience in similar work and duly registered are here by invited to collect tender document from FENPS office in Beletweyne.

Please note Tender document with detail specification will be available and collect at FENPS Office in Beletweyne from February 18th-28th, 2021 (04:00 PM).

Address of FENPS office in Beletweyne:

Near Rugsan Hotel, Helo Kelyo Street, Kooshin Village, beletweyne district of Hiran region

Tel; +252611525252