Formal Education Network for Private Schools (FENPS)oo soo bandhigtay Shaqooyin cusub


ormal Education Network for Private Schools (FENPS)

Ref: FENPS/Log/Unit/TLM/5/11/2021

Subject: Invitation to Bid

Formal Education Network for private Schools (FENPS) hereby invites suppliers to submit their expression of interest for provision of teaching learning materials for 6,462 primary school learners

List of Details for the Required Teaching and Learning Materials:

SN          Item      Description         Quantity              Unit Price            Total Amount

1       Exercise Books for 6462 Learners              Paper cover, A5, Lined, Standard 60 sheet               38,772.00

2 Exercise Book for 6462 Learners     Paper cover, A5, Squared G, Standard 60 sheet                      6,462.00

3        School Bags        H30x25wx 10 cm Colored                   6,462.00

4     Blue Pen              Fabric       6,462.00

5      Pencil                         6,462.00

6   Eraser   white, Soft, B 30                    6,462.00

7    Rulers   30 Cm Plastic           6,462.00

8   Pencil Sharpener              Fabric         6,462.00

9   Uniform               Boys( Blue Trouser and white shirt) 1-12 Year Old                     500.00

10           Uniform               Girls ( Blue Skirt and Veil ) 1-7 Years old         500.00



  • Tender envelop should be sealed with reference number and stamped.
  • Company Profile with detailed contact address
  • Quotation price/Bill of Quantities with detailed unit cost
  • Evidence of Past Experience in a similar work of (Contracts letter, etc.)
  • All bids should be written in English.
  • Interested suppliers/contractors with sound capacity, relevant experience in similar work and duly registered are here by invited to direct tender document to FENPS office in Beletweyne from November 6th-15th, 2021 (04:00 PM).
  • Address of FENPS office in Beletweyne: Near Rugsan Hotel, Helo Kelyo Street, Kooshin Village, beletweyne district of Hiran region Tel:+252611525252