Hirshabelle MPS cry foul over power distribution formula in the region


A section of MPS from Hirshabelle State of Somalia raised concern about “unjust distribution” of power in the region and are now calling for empowerment of disadvantaged minority clans in the region.

In an open letter to stakeholders including international Community, the group of MPS called for the introduction and implementation of balance of power sharing agreement in Hirshabelle in key government positions including, the executives, legislations and judiciary in the coming election and the formation of the next Government.

Mahad Indho, a member of the Hirshabelle Parliament, representing minority tribes, says he is deeply disturbed by the current distribution of power in Hirshabelle State, where by one tribe holds all highest positions both in the Executive and the Legislation

, Indo says, “We, are aware of this unjust distribution of power during the last election, however for the sake of the greater good of the Somali people and Hirshabelle State being newly established state at the time, we decided not to contest this unjust and imbalance of distribution power, the time has come now to undue this”.

Member of the Minority group who are also referred as the fifth tribe or other tribes represent twenty (20) percent of Hirshabelle Parliament, however zero (0) percent of the top positions in the legislation and the executives.

These positions include the President, Vice President, the Speaker of Parliament the two Deputies. Other influential positions include ministerial positions such as interior, finance, justice, security and planning. All of the above positions are occupied by the Hawiye Tribe. Such distribution of power is both unjust and unacceptable in the 21st century. .

The MPs say Ignoring the demands of MPs who represent all minority groups in Hirshabelle would be socially and politically treacherous.

“Widespread disparities of distribution of power in Hirshabelle can no longer be tolerated, it undermines the social cohesion and foster political discontent, thus hindering cooperation and the process of integration and peace building initiatives, particular when minorities and underrepresented groups believe being violated and ignored their concerns”, says the letter jointly signed by a number of MPs representing the interest of monitory clans

After nearly three decades of conflict and political instability, Somalia is now on a path to recovery with the support of the international community. There is no better time to strengthen the pillars political and social justice than in the early stages of state-building. Hirshabelle would be the prime example to address the issue of imbalance of power more than ever.