International community fails to bring together FGS and FMS leaders.


For almost a month, all Somali leaders have been in Mogadishu and have been at loggerheads over the country’s election process, which has been delayed.

Meanwhile, efforts by international community representatives to convene a general meeting of Somali leaders to resolve the dispute over the implementation of the country’s elections have not stopped.

The federal government of Somalia  presidents alleges the jubbaland and Puntland presidents to have refused  to participate in the general meeting together with federal authorities and the state, so that the final solution to the election dispute looga reach.

In their last Press release the Somalia leaders have requested  Deni and Ahmed madobe to attend the conference which is to take place soon.

For their part, a joint statement issued by the leaders of Puntland and Jubaland yesterday stated that the leaders of the federal government are disrupting the conference scheduled to be held in Mogadishu.

Many are wondering what is stopping the international community from forcing Somali leaders? As it brought it together in Mogadishu, it has not yet succeeded in convening a general assembly.

Professor Ibrahim Farah Bursaliid, a political analyst in Somalia, explained to the BBC several reasons why he believes the international community should not put too much pressure on politicians who are at odds with their country’s future in Somalia.

“The so-called international community can be a country where Somalia can negotiate from country to country, whether it is a regional or continental regional organization or an international organization such as the United Nations and so on. Somalis are never obligated as a republic and as a government to comply with the letter. Gone are the days of the Somali government’s transition to aiding nation-building, peacebuilding and reunification. “Since the 2012 elections, the transition seems to have come to an end, so the sovereignty and political independence of the Somali Republic must be respected,” he said. Bursaliid.

Prof. Bursaliid said the main reason the international community could not bring the parties closer together was that they did not want to lose interest in the current government or an administration that might lose their interests.

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