Meeting dig agreed continues in Villa Hargeisa Leaders of Federal Government and Parliamentarian committee selected to review election agreement Mogadishu signed leaders National Consultative Forum.

As told news this meeting expecting to join delagations from International Community who giving efforts how this agreement not to change and to endorse the Parliament and last night meeting between federal leaders and international community.

Standing dispute about election agreement bring to delay endorsing by Parliament due of MPs from Regional Administrations’ divided the some changes of articles.

Therefore committee consist 21 members selected by leadership of Parliament to legalize that agreement, as well as to review some articles as told that changed articles rejected. Source received told that disputed article is Higher House affair that the committee issued that 18 regions of the country divided exact same rate seats of Higher House as well as including Benadir region and regional administration rejecting.

The agreement leaders of national Consultative writes that Somaliland and Puntland gave by extra three seats, but Review committee to that agreement changed that article, and that extra three seats gives to Benadir region and would be part to Higher House.

Coming news adding that Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Sheikh Osman Jawari was a part that meeting delayed travels to Belgium and Norway due to attend conference there.

Leaders of Regional Administrations are expecting that disputed election agreement reason come to Mogadishu in order to consult with them the changed articles due there are debate standing for.

International community are worried that standing dispute about election agreement and brings delay expecting election at the end this year to the country and coming days Mogadishu expecting to visit members of UN Security Council in order to support elections.

Many believed that Benadir region live around three Million people to deny seats of Higher House is injustice


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