Muslim Aid Country Office (MASCO) oo soo bandhigtay Teneders for The supply


June 12, 2022

 Muslim Aid country Officer (MASCO) invites tenders/Bides for the provision of Qurbani Animals for beneficiaries in Mogadishu (68cows), Kismayo (65 cows), and Beletweyne (64cows) IDP camps. It is a pre-requisite that Bidders must be in good standing and have the requisite Registration certificate. Bidders must be registered on the Public Procurement Authority. The details of the bids are as follows.

All animals sought for the qurbani project must be free from any apparent defects that would make them unfit for human consumption. Such defects include:

  1. They must not be blind one or both eyes, have lost a third (or more) of their sight
  2. They cannot be miss missing a third (or more) of their ear or tail, either through loss or since birth
  3. Their horn(s) cannot be broken off from their root
  4. They must not have a lame leg that is sufficiently weak that they are unable to walk on it
  5. They cannot be excessively thin or lean
  6. They must be able to walk themselves to the site of the slaughter
  7. They cannot be toothless, or missing over half their teeth


A non-compulsory clarification meeting will be held on 29 June 2022@ 1 H00-2H00, First floor, Afrique Hotel Boardroom, Airport Road. Wadajir District.


Bid documents, clearly marked and sealed must be deposited in the bid box at the front of main gate before the closing time. Bid documents will be opened in public soon after the closing time.

Telegraphic, telephonic, telex, e-mail. Facsimile and late tenders will not be accepted.

Requirements for sealing, addressing, delivery, opening and assessment of tenders shall be mandatory. Suppliers will be adjudicated according to the supply Chain Management Policy.

Bidders can choose from different categories (A, B&C) maximum two categories.