Muslim Aid invites tenders/Bids for the provisions of food, non-food item



June 12, 2021

Muslim Aid Country Office (MASCO)invites tenders/Bids for the provisions of food, non-food item(NFIs)and construction of latrines for 500 households(HH) in Afgooye District. It is a pre-requisite that Bidders must be in good standing and have the requisite Registration certificate., Bidders must be registered on the Public Procurement Authority.The details of the bids are as follows.

  1. Assorted Food Stuffs


Food Stuffs 500 bags of Rice 50kg/ 25kg  x2.
White flour 500 bags 50kg /25kg X2.
sugar 50kg  x 500 HHs
oil 5kg  x 500 HHs


  1. Construction of latrines.


Latrines Construction of 30 Pit latrines


C.Non Food Items(NFIs).

Non Food Items( NFIs) ·        Reinforced plastic tarpaulins (Plastic Sheet)
·        Blanket = 30% cotton
·        Mosquito Nets (double)
·        Kitchen Set Type B (2 cooking pots, 5 plates, 5 bowls, 5 cups, 5 table spoons, 1 kitchen knife, 1 serving spoon and 1 kittle)
·        Solar Lamp
·        Jerry Cans of 20L capacity

The project will provide 300 vulnerable HHs (out of that 500HHs) with NFI kits.


Face Masks Face Masks for 500 households (packs of 5 reusable or 15 disposable


A non-compulsory clarification meeting will be held on 20 June 2021 @ 10H00 – 12H00, ground Floor, Jazeera Hotel Boardroom, Airport Road, Wadajir District.

Bid documents, clearly marked and sealed must be deposited in the bid box at the front of main gate before the closing time. Bid documents will be opened in public soon after the closing time.

The closing time and date for receipt of bids is 18thJune 2021, 11H00.

Bidders can opt to participate in any of the two categories or all Categories(Category A, Category B and Category C)

Telegraphic, telephonic, telex, e-mail, facsimile and late tenders will not be accepted. Requirements for sealing, addressing, delivery, opening and assessment of tenders shall be mandatory. Service providers will be adjudicated according to the Supply Chain Management Policy.