On International Anti-Corruption Day, UN Deputy Envoy Commends Somalia on Progress in the Fight Against Corruption


Mogadishu, 9 December 2021 — Marking International Anti-Corruption Day, the United Nations’ Secretary-General’s Deputy Special Representative for Somalia today praised the Federal Government of Somalia’s (FGS) efforts to combat the global scourge.

“Corruption is one of the fundamental issues undermining sustainable peace in Somalia […]. We all know that corruption is highly damaging for any country, but particularly so in developing nations,” said Deputy Special Representative Adam Abdelmoula, who also serves as UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Somalia.

“Corruption exacerbates inequitable wealth distribution as well as social divisions, fueling conflict and instability. People often develop deep mistrust in State institutions if the State is perceived as tainted by corruption or exclusionary politics,” he added. “But despite these significant challenges, there are increasingly positive signs of progress and, accordingly, reasons for optimism.”

The UN official was speaking at an event organised by the Federal Ministry of Justice and Judicial Affairs, and attended by senior officials from the FGS, Federal Member States, UN agencies, the diplomatic community, and representatives of youth, women and persons with disabilities.