Request forExpression of Interest FENPS Office: Taleex Street, Mogadishu




Request forExpression of Interest

FENPS Office: Taleex Street, Mogadishu-Tel: +252-1-858877

Ref#: FENPS/26/Rec/May 2019

Formal Education Network for Private Schools (FENPS) is seeking for construction Supply Company (s) for construction of 20 twin temporary latrines,10 in in Kaxda and 10 in Daynile District with

A                      Cost for construction of 20 twin latrines       Quantity    Price

1                       Gauge Iron Sheet for roofing and walling latrines   400sheet

2                       Posts/Traditional Pillars (Harar)          145pillar

3                       Bricks   2580blocks

4                       Plastic pipe/ PVC 1m waste drainage   32pipes

5                       Nails (#5,#6,#7)       40kg

6                       Stone for latrine basement 40Truck

7                       Cement for cementing latrines     400bags

8                       Timber 2.5x5m  Long        184pcs

9                       Sand      25 wheel barrow

10                     Hands Wash Kit(Soap and bucket)      20kits

11                     Timber(8×4)mm    4m long         350pcs

12                     Fees for 10 Carpenters and 10 masons/funds          20persons

13                     Gauge Iron Sheet     16sheet

14                     Timber (8×4)cm and 4m long      12pcs

15                     Hinges  68units

16                     Latchers In & Out    32sets

7                       Nails(#5,#6,#7 )      11kg

18                     Carpenter fee-3 carpenters         3persons

Interested companies are encouraged to send their detailed quotation with technical explanation in sealed envelope, quoted with reference number toFENPS office no later than 2nd June 2019. Late quotations will not be accepted.