Somali science association announces creative media scholarship in honor of Somali-Canadian journalist Hodan Naleye


The Somali Stem Society which promotes science, technology and mathematics studies has announced a new scholarship programme named after the deceased Somali-Canadian journalist Hodan Naleyo.

The association said in a statement the scholarship  ‘targets talented, hardworking and Tech-Savvy Somalis who want to create meaningful changes in the society through their stories, creativity and awareness.’

“To considered for this scholarship applicants must exhibit high levels of interest, produce quality media productions and be self-driven,” the statement read in part.

Every cohort will be expected to work together as a team and produce a story or a video that strengthens or supports the work done by Hodan during her lifetime.

Hodan Naleyo Scholarship for Digital Storytelling Course (Diploma in Digital Creative Media) will be offered virtually eLearningX by Hano Academy based in Mogadishu.

Naleyo, alongside her husband and over 20 other people were killed in a bomb attack in Kismayo in July 2019.