Somalia: Mogadishu Elders oppose election model


Mogadishu clan elders have strongly opposed the country’s election model, fearing the city’s residents estimated about 3 million will miss their portion.

In a meeting held in Mogadishu, the elders have jointly voiced concern over the power-sharing deal, in which they say disregard local residents’ allocation.

Imam Mohamud Yusuf, a local elder who attended the meeting has accused the federal government of pay no attention to Mogadishu’s rights in Somalia’s clan-based power-sharing model.

The elders’ remark come as the country’s federal parliament is in deadlock over an allocation of seven MPs for Bednadir region in the next parliment.

The federal government and its member states have agreed recently to hold an election that is based 4.5, a clan-based power-sharing formula, despite rejection.

The current clan-based formula, still in place for choosing the next president and parliament in August, tentatively would be scrapped and replaced by a one-person, one-vote system for the 2020 elections.



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