Somalia’s President defends his PhD thesis at UPEACE as the University’s program is praised at the UNGA77th Session in New York


30th September 2022. Historic UPEACE Events at the United Nations General Assembly in New York and the 34th UPEACE Council Meeting in Geneva

After United Nations General Assembly (UNGA77) in New York and the 34th UPEACE Council meeting in Geneva in September 2022, UEAPCE made history.

UPEACE council members are pleased with recent events in Somalia, including President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s signature on the UPEACE accession instrument. Switzerland hosted the 34th UPEACE Council meeting. The UPEACE Council called the signing “historic.”

Somalia emerges from conflict. Another recovery sign, added by Samuel Kale Ewusi, Director the UPEACE African Regional Program. The Director of the Africa Regional Program congratulated President Hassan Sheikh. We’re proud that President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud studied at our UN-mandated University. Dr. Samuel Ewusi congratulated President Hassan on his historic win.

In September 2022, Dr. Hassan Sheikh Mohamed signed the accession document. Somalia signed the charter created by U.N. General Assembly Resolution 35/55 of December 5, 1980, which established the University for Peace in Costa Rica with regional programs in Africa (Ethiopia and Somalia), Europe (Netherlands), Asia (China), and South East Asia (Philippines) (Honduras).

UPEACE Rector Dr. Francisco Rojas Aravena in Geneva’s Council met on September 30 2022. The meeting discussed the University for Peace while the University was in Geneva for academic events. In recognition of his leadership and contributions during his first two terms, the UPEACE Council re-elected Dr. Francisco Rojas Aravena as Rector. Decided council.

UPEACE 34th Council Meeting Session in Geneva held in 30th September

UPEACE and UNHCR signed a peace MOU in Geneva. This agreement emphasizes teaching college students UNHCR’s humanitarian principles. UPEACE will teach UNHCR staff peace education. UNHCR Assistant Secretary-General, Assistant High Commissioner for Protection Gillian Triggs, said the partnership could inspire future humanitarians. Education changes lives, she said. This MOU shows how universities can help displaced or stateless people. Our collaboration strengthens our global academic interdisciplinary network and the academic community’s commitment to our clients.

UNHCR Assistant High Commissioner for Protection, Gillian Triggs meets with University of Peace Rector, Dr. Francisco Rojas Aravena to sign a Memo of Understanding. © UNHCR/Susan Hopper

While in Geneva, UPEACE presented its White Paper on Africa’s Illicit Trade in Geneva. After this paper, more research will begin. – Irina Bokova, former UNESCO director general and UPEACE council member, opened the White Paper on Illicit Trade in Africa.

Peace requires cooperation. Peace requires political will. Peace requires work. Rector Francisco Rojas Aravena spoke at the White Paper launch.

Photo Rector Francisco Rojas Aravena, UPEACE Council members, and authors at the launch.

UPEACE and Fifty Shades Greener signed an MoU last week in Geneva. Carbon emissions Education creates action-based programs to reduce emissions. Environmental education leaders create action-oriented programs to reduce carbon emissions.

Picture of the signing of an MoU between the UPEACE and Fifty Shades Greener

Dr. Mohamed Yusuf, Somalia’s Country Director, said the MOU would strengthen the University’s peace education programs.


Dr. Mohamed Yusuf: “This is a historic agreement that will benefit the University’s peace programs in Somalia and across the continent.” The University serves Somalia and other African countries for Peace.

The upcoming UPEACE Grand Convocation Ceremony Event in Somalia

In December 2022, the University will host a historic graduation ceremony. Over 100 students have defended their master’s and doctoral theses and dissertations in the past two and a half years.

UPEACE is proud to host the first-ever all-doctoral graduates’ commencement ceremony, including the first-ever sitting Head of State to graduate alongside his diverse students and citizens.

Dr. Mohamed Osman, the University’s Country Representative, said they plan to invite high-level delegates from Costa Rica and Somalia’s leadership, led by President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud. “We’ll invite academics” We plan to invite Costa Rican representatives and Somalia and Horn of Africa partners. “It will be unlike any ceremony you’ve attended,” said Doctor Mohamed. Celebrations will include 130 MAs and 10 PhDs. Adding.

General Garaare of the Somali Police Force, Mohamed Mohamud Mohamed, defended his master’s thesis.

The President of Somalia defended his doctoral dissertation.

The celebration of His Excellency President Dr. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s successful defense of his PhD thesis in Peace, Governance, and Development with Distinction was captured on video and shared with the public while praising Allah for this significant achievement.

“This afternoon, UNPEACE defended my thesis, leading my total award to PhD in Peace, Governance, And Development. As a 30-year veteran of this field, I can confidently say that education can rebuild our nation and its government. We want to make high-quality education easier and reduce school expenses. To protect their constitutional rights, the government must pay for higher education for Somali high school graduates. UPEACE’s faculty and administration are helpful. Thanks, Allah!

President Dr Hassan Sheikh Mohamud Defending his Thesis

The President’s defence of his PhD dissertation at UNPEACE caused social media to explode. Many praised the President’s academic achievement globally and locally.

“We respect his work.” With determination, anything is possible. Africa Program Director Samuel Kale Ewusi.

“You’re an example for the young, the elderly, and the entire Somali community,” said Somalia’s Education Minister, Culture and Higher Education, HE. Farah Sh. Abdiqadir.

Hassan Sheikh Mohamud defended his dissertation on Somalia’s clan politics.

He talked about improving education and services.Education helped Dr. Mohamud’s country during a civil war. His University was Simad.

Hassan Sheikh Mohamud thanked UPEACE Rector Francisco Rojas Aravena, Dean Juan Carlos Sainz-Borgo, Africa Program Director Samuel Kale Ewusi, Somalia Country Representative Mohamed Osman Mohamoud, and Country and Campus Director Dr. Mohamed Yusuf. He said the country’s universities are growing and urged them to collaborate with foreign universities.

On October 12, 1954, UPEACE Somalia commemorates Somalia’s Flag Day.

UPEACE congratulated the Somali people on the 68th anniversary of their flag day, which occurred on October 12, 1954. UPEACE wishes Somalia’s sovereignty to last forever. Dr. Mohamed Osman Mohamoud, UPEACE Country Representative, said UPEACE honours the Somali heroes and heroines. They worked to make Somalia free and independent and raise its flag on their land.

UPEACE Somalia opened in late 2018 in Mogadishu. Somali students visited Costa Rica and Ethiopia’s Africa Regional Campus. Seventy-six students graduated.

UPEACE’s Somalia Program called for 6th cohort applications in October 2022. Participating are internationals and Somalis. Interested? Apply. Interested? Apply. Express your interest through this link.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud (centre), having a light moment with Dr Juan Carlos, Global Dean of Upeace. With him is Chief of Staff Office of The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia Dr. Hussein Sheikh Mohamu. (Photo taken during the UNGA meeting in September where the President signed the Upeace Charter)